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Re: ldap-backend-sql

suresh wrote:

> Hi
> thanx for yur reply
> I got the sample scripts and ran them,I am also using the same slapd.conf(is
> it ok?)
> but now the slapd comes out after throwing connection busy error
> This is the debug
> Return code: -1
> Native error code: 0
> SQL engine state: S1000
> Message: [unixODBC][Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Connection is busy
> with results for another hstmt

I believe this was already on some of OpenLDAP's lists...
MS SQL Server is a very strange RDBMS, IMHO... By default it's API is using
read-optimized scheme, which cannot handle more than one statement running at a
time. Hence, one cannot, for instance, run a statement for each row returned by
This is solved by explicitly setting another cursor type by a call to
SQLSetOption (or whatever...).

I was afraid that this option could confuse other RDBMSes, and guarded the call
with condition that compares driver name with SQLSRV32.DLL...

This hack is even more dirty than the cause of it ;)
Just remove the comparison from sql_wrap.c, rebuild, and everything should go

WBW, Dmitry