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Am I doing something wrong?


I'm facing some problems when using OpenLDAP 1.2.7 (because
of this I also send a question about OpenLDAP 2.0.x).

- First, if I set suffix parameter in slapd.conf to
  something different than "", then a

ldapsearch -b "" -s sub "objectclass=*"

  returns "No such object". So I set it to "". But, I'm
  trying to do a

ldapsearch -b "" -s one "objectclass=*"

  and it returns nothing (no error message, no results). I
  rather expect that it returns the only object hanging from
  [Root] (a country object). Apart from doing a -s sub
  search, what can I do to get it returned?

- I'm in the process of writting a Gnome LDAP client (similar
  to GQ), so I need a way to retrieve objects on each every
  level of the directory tree, to know if they are leaf
  objects or not, and to retrieve the schema of the tree.
  Using LDAP v3 is a must in order to get all of these?


Doc's???  Oh, you mean the stuff we wipe up coffee with?