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Indexing crash

Hi everyone,
I have put the following in my slapd.conf:
index mail
index mailalternateaddress
index countrydomain eq
However, I notice that the last modified date for
mailalternateaddress.dbb file
in my open ldap directory is 1 month ago compared to mail.dbb(every
entry will definitely have a mailalternateaddress in this system). It
means that
indexing for the mailalternateaddress has suddenly stop despite new entries coming in! When i search
on mailalternateaddress, there is always no result.
Why is it happening? What bug is this? I suspect this bug is cause by
ldbmcat .
I did a ldbmcat again to a backup and after that, the indexing of another attribute
suddenly stops.
Even i restarted the ldap, adding a new entry sometimes the
attribute.dbb file does not get updated. Anyone has this experience?