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Re: really slow queries

On Thu, 23 Nov 2000, Andy De Petter wrote:
> We started doing some other tests, and it seems that one simple query
> (searchfilter like '(sn=mysn)') takes upto 15 seconds !!!!

This could possibly caused by having too many ACL's, which is possibly caused by
less than optimal directory design. Try these tests with ACL's enabled, and
with free access and compare the results. Try commenting out certain ACL's, to
find out which ones give the most performance increase. Of course, it will
always be faster with no ACL's, but the results could give you some other clue
specific to your setup. It could also be caused by the way you are indexing or
not indexing the database. I believe OpenLDAP reads the tree in alphabetical
order, so it would also probably optimize read speed on very large directories
if you named the most read sections of the tree with an ou beginning with an
earlier letter than the less frequently read sections. For example, you could


instead of:


if you read people information more frequently than account information.