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Comparing Passwords

Hi !

I am migrating from a SUN Directory Server V1.0 to OpenLDAP V2.0.7

An application verifies the "userpassword" with a "COMPARE"
function. The password was sent in cleartext to the server, Sun DS 1.0
compared this attr.("userpassword") with the UNIX crypt version of the
cleartext  and (if ok) returned LDAP_COMPARE_TRUE ( 0x6)

Now, OpenLDAP compares against the ASCII contents of "userpassword" 1:1
and returns always LDAP_COMPARE_FALSE. The data was transfered via "ldbmcat ->
slapadd". If I set the attribute "userpassword" to the cleartext password
the compare works .

I dont't know what behavior is right.

But: What can I do to solve my problem ?

BTW: userpassword looks like this:  {crypt}kWV2PXYZ123

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