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ldapsearch query

i am tryin out ldap v2 (with redhat) for the first time. 
i used the test db provided alongwith (univ. of michigan). but am not able
to search the database. i used:

ldapsearch -v -b "dn: o=University of Michigan, c=US" -s base "cn=John

it returns:
ldap_init( <default>, 0 )
filter pattern: cn=John Smith
returning: ALL
filter is: (cn=John Smith)
ldap_search: No such object
0 matches

i had added the database as:

ldapadd -D "cn=Manager, o=University of Michigan, c=US" -w secret -f

my slapd.conf reads as:
database        ldbm
suffix          "o=University of Michigan, c=US"
directory       /usr/local/var/openldap-ldbm
rootdn          "cn=Manager, o=University of Michigan, c=US"
rootpw          secret
index           objectclass     eq
index           uid     pres,eq,sub
index           cn,sn   pres,eq,sub,subany

access to *
                by self write
                by * read