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polish characters..


i have a problem with polish encodings (openldap 2.0.7).  when i browse the
database with i.e. netscape with iso-8859-2 enabled everything looks just
great, but when i try to use `slapcat -l file` i got something like this:
dn:: Y249QmliaWFubmEgUG9yxJlic2thLCBkYz1jdG8sIGRjPXVzLCBkYz1lZHUsIGRjPXBs
sn:: UG9yxJlic2th
creatorsName: cn=Manager, dc=example, dc=pl
createTimestamp: 20001119104215Z
cn:: QmliaWFubmEgUG9yxJlic2th
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
mail: porebska@example.pl
telephoneNumber: 1768 ext. 35
modifiersName: cn=Manager, dc=example, dc=pl
modifyTimestamp: 20001119162003Z
(under netscape with polish charset this one is `Bibianna Porębska`).

what kind of format is it (dn::, sn:: and cn:: in above example)?

best regards,

ps. i'm new to ldap :)

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F  Centrum Techniki Obliczeniowej  Uniwersytetu Slaskiego
H           FYI: I work for CTO US, but speak for myself.