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Inappropriate Matching error when modifying facsimileTelephoneNumber attribute

Hello all,

I am working on an LDAP address book for my webmail project, and I am running into a 
little problem with the facsimileTelephoneNumber attribute.  When I try to delete 
the facsimileTelephoneNumber attribute vi a PHP script using the ldap_mod_del 
function, I get the error:

Warning: LDAP: modify operation could not be completed. 
in /home/httpd/html/ldap/modify.php on line 62
LDAP-Errno: 18
LDAP-Error: Inappropriate matching

This is an LDAP error (18)  that I can verify in my server log files.  I am running 
OpenLDAP 2.0.1 and PHP 4.  This does not happen with ANY other attribute that I am 
using.  I can delete all other attributes just fine without any problem.  The 
schemas I am using are the core.schema, cosine.schema, and inetorgperson.schema.

I have searched for a meaning for this message on Google and Deja.com, but could not 
find much information.  Do any of you have ideas (or URL's) that could help me out 
with this problem?


-Mark Cushman