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subtree searches not traversing multiple backends

I managed to find some messages in the archives pertaining to subtree
searches not traversing multiple backends, but was not able to determine
what was concluded if anything.  To summarize, if I have two databases:

database        ldbm
suffix          "dc=cqg, dc=com"

database        ldbm
suffix          "dc=bld, dc=cqg, dc=com"

A subtree search with a base of "dc=cqg, dc=com" does NOT appear to search
in "dc=bld, dc=cqg, dc=com" as well.  This is giving me great headaches
trying to implement a distributed email server environment.  Are there any
plans to fix this?  Is it even considered a problem to be fixed? (I'm not
even interested in referrals!)

Also, if I define the databases in the above order, I have trouble trying to
load the second one (or trying to search in the second one):

./sbin/slapadd -n 2 -l <ldif> -f <conf>
slapadd: database (dc=bld,dc=cqg,dc=com) not configured to hold
dn="dc=bld,dc=cqg,dc=com" (line=4)

If I comment out the first dabase, or if I reverse the order, it loads fine.

I'm running OpenLDAP 2.0.7.

- Orion

Orion Poplawski, OPoplawski@cqg.com, Tel: (303) 440-4462x17, Fax: -4507
CQG, Inc., 250 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, CO 80302