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Re: 1024 fd limit ?

Howard Chu wrote:

> Sounds like libnss-ldap opens a connection per invocation, or something
> similar. Since nss is a system-wide service, perhaps it should only open
> a single connection per client machine. Failing that, set up an LDAP proxy
> on every client machine that will accept requests on multiple connections
> and forward them thru a single connection to the main servers.

No need for that, nscd (the Name Service Cache Daemon) does that.

Unfortunately, its long-running nature make it fragile and any problem
in name service libraries (and this includes nss_ldap and libldap and friends)
becomes very fatal and it is very easy to lock your system pretty solid.

So it takes some experimentation until you have a combination that is
stable.  But if you have it, the whole system opens a number of
connections and all processes share them.