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Re: OpenLDAP and Windows NT

On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, Andre John Mas wrote:

> Gary Williams wrote:
> >
> > The OpenLDAP organization does not provide binary distributions of
> > its software.  What you can work out with individuals is up to you
> > and them.  The NT distribution was ported to build under Visual
> > C++ 5.0.  If you have this available, it would be the easiest
> > route to getting it built.
> >
> Thank you for your quick reply. Just out of curosity is there any
> reason for the OpenLDAP organization not wanting to provide binary
> distributions of its software?

A very simple one I guess. By providing binaries you also invite people to
post questions regarding all those binaries. (And also attract more people
that don't read instructions because they don't too compile it ;-)

And providing the various binary versions is another task I guess the
openLDAP team is not too keen on if they can help it.


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