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Re: Problem

> I have a problem with the access rules. On my test Server is the root
> account with dn="cn=admin,o=ufz.de". I am using Openldap 2.0.7.
> When i try to add something the following error occurs.
> -----
>   ldif_record() = 50
>   rz20:/usr/openldap/ldif # ldapadd -a -x -h localhost -d "cn=admin" -w
>   secret -f ./ldif
>   adding new entry "ou=Hosts,o=ufz.de"
>   ldap_add: Insufficient access
>   additional info: no write access to parent
> My access rule is
>         access to *
>         by dn="cn=admin" write
> I cant get this work. I want that "admin" can do everything, but not the
> normal athenticated user.
> Is there a help for me ??

As far as I can see your rootdn in slapd.conf is
rootdn	"cn=admin,o=ufz.de"
Therefore you must change your access Statement to
access to *
	by dn="cn=admin,o=ufz.de" write