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openldap backup procedures?

	I'm looking to dump my LDAP directory, both for backup and replication/
migration.  However, when I try to dump:

/usr/local/sbin/ldbmcat -n /usr/local/data/slapd/id2entry.dbb

...and then restore...

cat dump.ldif | ldapadd  -w foobar -D "cn=Manager, dc=ge, dc=com"

I get things like:

adding new entry nxx=515, npa=580, st=OK, co=USA, 
  dc=mabell-20000912-175552, cn=Manager, dc=ge, dc=com
ldap_add: No such object

I'm assuming that the dump needs to have things in order to preserve the
heirarchy of my data, but isn't.  Any idea how I can dump data in a way
that is portable and can be stored and restored?

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