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howdy! write permissions using Netscape?

Hey there. I'm trying to use Netscape 4.75 as a front-end to my OpenLDAP
which is up and running properly. When I go to create a new address book entry,
the only place I can add it is the Personal Address book, and if I right-click
on a directory entry, the actions which require write permissions on the server
are disabled.

For testing purposes, my slapd.conf has the following entry, which is the
only access-related entry in the file. The DN is my DN. Quite frankly,
I don't think this is even close to being right. ;)

(Be kind, I'm new to LDAP)

    access to *
            by self write
            by dn="cn=Steve Sobol,dc=NorthShoreTechnologies,dc=net" write
            by * read

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