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Re: ldapsearch / ldappasswd and SSL mode

Del wrote:

> I can get a StartTLS search working using this:
> ldapsearch -ZZ -x
> ... but the following command core dumps:
> ldapsearch -H ldaps://localhost/ -x

More information:

ldappasswd dumps core also on ldaps, but works fine in -ZZ
mode.  When run in ldaps mode it doesn't appear to write a
password.  In -ZZ mode it does.

ldapsearch -H ldaps://somendsserver/ -x where somendsserver
is running NDS 8.5 with SSL (also on Red Hat 6.2) also dumps

i.e. it must be a client or possibly library problem.  Any ideas
on where to start looking/debugging/praying?

Del | mailto:del@babel.co.nz | Christchurch, New Zealand