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Re: auth_ldap 1.4.5 vs. openldap 2.0.7

Michael David <michael@newearth.org> writes:

> I am using the Apache module auth_ldap.so, version 1.4.5
> (see http://www.rudedog.org/auth_ldap/) for http
> authentication. This module was built linking to the
> openldap shared libraries, which changed from version 2.0.4
> to 2.0.5 with openldap release 2.0.7.
> When I went from openldap 2.0.6 to 2.0.7 my http
> authentication stopped working. Everything else using ldap
> was fine. Going back to openldap 2.0.6 fixed it.

Hmm, 2.0.7 works for me. There is one thing that may be causing a
problem: try using a "fully-qualified" ldap URL (i.e. one that doesn't
rely on any defaults). For example, 

  ldap://ldap.my.server/dc=my, dc=basedn?uid?sub?objectclass=*

Let me know if that works (I already have a patch for some failures when
the fully-qualified URL isn't provided). If it still doesn't work, bump
up the log level (LogLevel debug) directive, and send me the debugging


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