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Re: trouble getting linux pam_ldap to authenticate

At 05:23 PM 11/10/00 -0500, Terry wrote:
>I am trying  set up an LDAP server to handle user authentication under
>RedHat 6.2.  I am able to retrieve information from the server using the
>following command:
>/usr/local/bin/ldapsearch -W -x -D 'CN=MANAGER,DC=DEADTROUT,DC=COM' -b
>'dc=deadtrout,dc=com' '(objectclass=*)'
>I have installed the padl pam_ldap module and have changed /etc/pam/rlogin,
>/etc/nsswitch.conf, and /etc/ldap.conf files accordingly. (I don't think
>this is where my problem is so I'm not attaching the text of those files)
>I have been trying to test the authentication by issuing the command:
>rlogin -l otherguy localhost
>but when I supply the password rlogin rejects it.
>/var/log/pamlog shows the following entry:
>Nov 10 16:07:32 mankind rlogind[10489]: PAM cannot assume gid

I suggest you direct PAM LDAP questions to the pamldap@padl.com
mailing list.