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Failed DIGEST/ CRAM SASL Authentications

Hi all -

I am trying to perform a DIGEST-MD5 / CRAM-MD5 SASL authentication against OpenLdap 2.0.7
with the latest Cyrus SASL libraries included in the OpenLdap build process.

To date, I have created a user and password using the 'saslpasswd' utility, but when
running the slapd process with all debug info switched enabled, I am getting the following

    'Unable to getsecret for admin'

I also tried to get the sample programs that ship with the Cyrus libraries to work without
success. I believe my problems are connected with the Cyrus library configuration, so this
query is possibly a little off-topic. However, perhaps someone out there has a solution to

Any suggestions as to how I could best proceed are much appreciated.

-Jonathan Bruce
Sun Microsystems Inc.