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slave2master replication


well, after reading forth and back through the openldap-software
mailing-list archive of this year I gave it up to find a solution to a 
problem which is often mentioned.
How can the slave-to-master replication be enabled? I did some testing with
OpenLDAP2.0.6 (a colleague of mine did the same with OpenLDAP1.2.*). The
following are our findings:

1) replication from master to slave is working perfectly
2) slave is configured with correct updatedn and updateref
3) ldapmodify operations on the slave are carried out only for the slave slapd.
   No message is going to the master, no error comment, nothing as described
   in chapter 10.1 of the most recent "OpenLDAP Administrators Guide".
4) Trying some of the advices found in the mailing list, like also setting a
   global referral directive in slapd.conf of the slave pointing to the master
   does not show the desired result.

I suspect that a concluding answer to this problem would be appreciated by a lot of OpenLDAP users. Getting the answer that currently the slave2master 
replica-referral is not working, would also be helpful. 
Furthermore, if the problem is described and located in the source code, 
maybe we could contribute to a solution.

I am looking forward to receiving helpful comments


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