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I looked into LDAP-to-W2K replication about six months ago,
so my info may be a bit out of date, but here's what I
found.  Numerous MS whitepapers said that ADC (Active
Directory Connector, a tool that ships in the
\VALUEADD\MSFT\MGMT\ADC directory of the W2K Server CD but
isn't installed by default) can replicate with LDAP servers.
After playing with it for a while and not making it work, I
finally found a MS KB article that said ADC only replicates
between W2K and Exchange.

MS had announced a separate product, Microsoft Metadirectory
Services, that would replicate between various directory
types, including LDAP.  That product hadn't been released at
that time.  It may have shipped by now, I haven't looked
back into it and don't particularly feel like giving MS any
more money.

MS also created some COM/ActiveX objects known as ADSI (if I
remember right) that allow communication with AD servers and
LDAP servers.  You could create your own replication program
using that, but I doubt it would be very fun.  Good luck.

Karl Bolingbroke
Flying J Inc.

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> We've been tasked with the unfortunate job of
> implementing a MS Exchange
> 2000 server.  I already have all our employee
> data (personal
> info/account info) in OpenLDAP 2.0.6.  I've found
> the microsoft schema
> files to use, but haven't found much in the way
> of how to have the MS
> Active Directory sync with or be a slave to our
> LDAP server.  Has anyone
> had any experience with this?  I've seen a little
> mentioned about
> General DirSync, but can't seem to find any
> useful information about it.
> Thanks, Justin.
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