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backsql: myodbc oddity


I'm currently trying to get adds working in a back-sql directory. At the
moment, I'm hitting a strange problem where myodbc seems to be choking
on the statement "insert into accounts (uid) values ('');\n select
last_insert_id()": the message is "You have an error in your SQL syntax
near '; select last_insert_id()' at line 1". (NB I'm just using "\n" to
represent the newline in the ldap_oc_mappings.create_proc value.)

The same concatenation of statements works fine when issued from the
mysql console (it's based on the create_proc statement for inetOrgPerson
given in the sample file testdb_metadata.sql.)

Just before I start rummaging about in the myodbc code, I wondered if
anyone else had hit anything like this.

Releases: openldap 2.0.0 (OK, I plan to go to the latest modification
RSN: at the moment, batch-loading of the data and lookups are working
fine, and I'm scared of disturbing something: apologies if this problem
has already been fixed in the interim); mysql 3.23.25-beta; myodbc
2.50.33; libiodbc 2.50.3.

TIA for any feedback: greatly welcomed.