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SASL's PLAIN mechanism


Can someone confirm (or correct) the following behavior 
in OpenLDAP 2.0?

>From servers/slapd/sasl.c (OpenLDAP 

201     sasl_secprops.max_ssf = INT_MAX;
202     sasl_secprops.maxbufsize = 65536;
203     sasl_secprops.security_flags =
204 #endif

According to the rootDSE entry for an OpenLDAP 2.0.6
slapd server, the PLAIN SASL mechanism is not supported.
Only CRAM-MD5 and DIGEST-MD5 (I disabled gssapi and krb-4
at configure time for the SASL libraries).  My guess is 
that this is not supported because it is not needed in 
light of using a simple bind.  

It is not due to lack of support in /etc/sasldb because
a dump of the files lists PLAIN as one of the mechansisms

My understanding is the the /usr/lib/sasl/<appname>.conf
(i.e. slapd) configuration is used to determine what a PLAIN
mechanisms is authenticated against.  Therefore, for slapd
this configuration file would be unnecessary.  yes or no?

I could think of examples where support for PLAIN 
would be helpful.  Can anyone enlighten me on why PLAIN
is disabled other than the reasons I've mentioned above?

Cheers, jerry
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