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NSS_PAM and LDAP_PAM account setup

Can anyone tell me which schema files is required to use the NSS and
ldap pam modules with OpenLDAP? I have currently included 

netscape.schema // we are running roaming profiles successfully

When I try to run the migration tools that PADL created to populate my
database,( even when I have a blank database without Netscape profiles
inside of it), the script fails to complete. It bombs out with the

adding new entry "cn=postmaster,ou=aliases,dc=career,dc=uconn,dc=edu"
ldap_add: Undefined attribute type
	additional info: attribute type undefined

It does create some new objects in the directory mostly the
organizational units. 

I presume that I am missing a schema file. I can not find a example of a
slapd.conf file that uses that is used with PAM so I am not sure. I have
done some investigating into the other standard schema that comes with
Openldap but they seem to be unrelated. 

						-Marc Jones
						Career Services
						University of Connecticut