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Re: Inappropriate matching

At 01:23 PM 10/31/00 +0100, Schwartz Milan wrote:
>I'm using the 2.0.6 version of OpenLDAP on Solaris 7. The core, inetorg,
>and cosine schemas are included.
>When I try to add a new certificate to an inetOrgPerson object's
>userCertificate;binary attribute (BER encoded, different from the one
>already stored), I got an Inappropriate Matching (18) error code.

The server doesn't support certificate matching.  If the server
is unable to determine whether or not the value to be added already
exists, then it cannot accept the addition.   Use replace (with
old and new values) instead.

>I use the Netscape LDAP JDK 4.1 to manage the directory, the operation
>above succeded on a NS Directory Server 4.1.

Netscape's server must support certificate matching.