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Re: ldappasswd and encryption

At 04:45 PM 10/30/00 -0500, Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
>i noticed that the ldappasswd utility in openldap version 2.0.6 lost a
>command-line option it used to have which enabled the user to specify the
>encryption algorhithm (e.g. SHA, MD5, CRYPT).

ldappasswd in 2.0 is a different beast than the 1.2 tool of the same

The new tool uses a new mechanism which is specifically designed
to divorce the client from having to know password storage specifics.

The slapd has a configuration directive (password-hash) you may use
to specify the hash to use with userPassword storage.  Later versions
of slapd will support other storage mechanisms (e.g. SASLdb and
in-directory SASL secret storage).

>or is it going to be added again?