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Replication/slurpd in 2.0.6


I have a big problem with replication between two openldap 2.0.6.
The two servers were set up according to the openldap administrators guide and
they work fine but replication between them (master and slave) fails.

If I add an new entry to the database of the master then it inserts the object
properly and writes the slapd.replog file to /var/lib/ldap/. Then slurpd
notices that there was a change and it perform its normal operations, but
nothing happens to the slave server.

If I add the "-d 255" parameter for debug output then I get :
Config: ** sucessfully added replica "ldapslave.linuxnetworks.de:389"
Config: ** configuration file successfully read and parsed
begin replication thread for ldapslave.linuxnetworks.de:389
Replica ldapslave.linuxnetworks.de:389, skip repl for ou=a, ou=user,
o=linuxnetworks, c=de (not mine)

What does that mean: (not mine) ???

Thanks for help