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Re: Requirements for a 100,000 entries LDAP directory ...

On 27 Oct 2000, Ernesto Burtre wrote:

> I'm planning to install an OpenLDAP server (v2) in a LINUX machine.
> I will create an LDAP directory with 100,000 entries with this kind of information:


>                 userCertificate  (bin)
>  I will be using "organizationalPerson" and "strongAuthenticationUser" objectclasses
>  (I will be storing certificates in LDAP).  I was thinking on 200 MB in my HD to store this information in LDAP.
> I was thinking on a Pentim II o III PC with 256 MB RAM in order to get a good performance.

I wouldn't know the requirements. But have you testet it at a functional
level? Does it work with certificates as you plan to?


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