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Re: free/non-free ladp servers comparizon

On Fri, Oct 27, 2000 at 10:32:20AM -0400, Cliff Friedel wrote:
> AMD K6-2 500s running SuSE Linux 6.4 and OpenLDAP 1.2.6.  Lookups are
> mainly local as we replicate ldap servers like crazy to all our machines.

What's the use for that? *ALL* your machines? How many do you have? I'm not sure
the slurpd would appreciate to replicate an average write flow to 50 servers!

> If I had all of our machines lookup on 1 server, I am sure our
> numbers would be even higher.

Hmmm... the contrary would be odd :-)

> I have tried to keep the system as decentralized as possible.

In fact, with a slapd per server, it could not be more decentralized :)

> As we have only had the ISP open 3 months,
> I also think the numbers for performance will go up until we hit a
> consistent threshold.  Statistically though, the numbers seem significant
> to prove that we are seeing higher numbers than suggested by M$.  One

> important note to mention:  We turn off nscd to improve performance (I
> know this sounds wrong, but nscd doesn't seem to be built for high traffic
> environments.

Of course If you have 1 slapd / machine, I guess the name service caching daemon
isn't really useful. However I'd like to have more informations about that?
How "high" is your "traffic environment" ? I'm currently testing an LDAP-based
architecture for NIS replacement with OpenLDAP and the libnss-ldap/nscd on
client systems. It seems to work fine. Could you describe the troubles you got
more precisely?

> Was hanging up and causing performance issues).

A server (running as an LDAP client) has mysteriously frozen (answer to ping,
socket opening, but 0 traffic, no way to login on the console even though the
keyboard worked fine) this morning. I'm wondering if this could be due to the
nscd or the libnss-ldap [probably not]. Anyway what kind of hang up did you


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