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Re: Solaris7

Look at your cachesize and dbcachesize statements in your slapd.conf. 

cachesize specifies the number of ENTRIES in cache for the id2entry.dbb file.
dbcachesize specifies the number of BYTES in cache per index file.

Check that these statements are reasonable.

Justin Wood wrote:
> I successfully compiled OpenLDAP-2.0.6 on Solaris 7.  I compiled it with
> SSL, sasl, and BerkeleyDBv3.  I'm running it as a replica, and I can
> start slapd, but when I try to do a search, it dies and leaves the
> following line in the ldap log file:
> Oct 25 08:55:37 testdb slapd[7766]: ch_calloc of 134217730 elems of 4
> bytes failed
> Has anyone seen this before?
> Justin.
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