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Re: ldappasswd with sql backend

Hi Nick!

Please mail me a 'slapd -d 5' log of such a session, so I could trace and
fix this. I suspect I just didn't provide some trivial callback or
something like that...

WBW, Dmitry

PS. if you have some additional info - feel free to write me in Russian

Nick wrote:

> Hi
> Can I use ldappasswd with sql backend (mssql)
> When I try
> > ldappasswd "cn=test,o=ICS,c=UA" -W -x -D "cn=root,o=ICS,c=UA" -s
> "test"
> it returns
> Result: DSA is unwilling to perform (53)
> Additional info: operation is not supported for current user
> The table for entry userPassword and entry for this attribute in
> ldap_attr_mappings are present
> ldapsearch returns hash of password, when I write it directly to base,
> using SQL
> ---
> Nick Bobuh,
> mailto: nick@ics.kiev.ua