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Date error + size problem

After some succces in testing netscape with OpenLDAP I noticed an akward

All of a sudden the date reported back from the server is 30 years off.
The server reports 1970 while the browser (on the same system) reports

I haven't seen this pass along as a known bug. (I haven't upgraded to
OpenLDAP 2.0.6 as some security issues came by regarding cookies I had to
test.) During these test I had to stop start netscape a lot and noticed
the server receives updates but put's them in 1970 instead of 2000.

I also have seen some remarks on my article that larger bookmark files
aren't stored. I haven't got the details exactly but trouble started
before 50kB which may be large for ordinary LDAP items but is quit
possible for bookmark files. I haven't dug into it yet but perhaps someone
can share a light on this matter as well.


Hugo van der Kooij; Oranje Nassaustraat 16; 3155 VJ  Maasland
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