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Connection close problems with JNDI?

Hello. I have an openldap-1.2.11 service running on solaris 2.6. One of
the client applications that queries the LDAP sevice uses tomcat-3.1 and
JNDI-1.2.0 with JRE 1.2.2_06 on solaris 2.8.

We are seeing that queries from this application are not closing the
connection once openldap has responded. Thus, openldap, after so many
queries, stops servicing new requests, waiting for a thread to free.

Has anyone else had connection closing difficulties the the above
configuration? If so, were you able to resolve these difficulties? I
looked through the ChangeLog for 2.0.6 and saw some connection management
related fixes, but it was not clear if these were fixes to problems
introduced in 2.0 or problems that exist in 1.2 as well.


Christian Gilmore
Infrastructure & Tools Team Lead
Web & Multimedia Development
Tivoli Systems, Inc.