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Re: problems compiling with kerberos support

Yes, looks like SASL can't locate the pluggin:

        Choosing best mechanism from: PLAIN

Only 'PLAIN' is given. I'll have a look into that.

Thanks again,


At 11:17 AM 10/24/00 +0100, Alex Stepney wrote:
>51 alexs@bernard% ldapsearch -Y GSSAPI -b '' -s base '(objectclass=*)' ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Unknown authentication method

Given the explicit mechanism specification, this error implies
that the client doesn't support GSSAPI.  That is Cyrus SASL
could not locate or load the it's GSSAPI pluggin.

Have you tested your GSSAPI build through use of Cyrus SASL's
sample client/server?   There are fairly decent instructions
for testing GSSAPI in Cyrus SASL's doc/gssapi.html.  Until
you've completed sample client/server testing, there is little
point in trying to debug OpenLDAP's use of Cyrus SASL.


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