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Connecting to LDAP 1.2.11

i've a current ldap 1.2.11 server running. i installed on OpenLDAP 2.0.6
(using rpm) on another RH7 machine. when i try to query the 1.2.11 ldap from
2.0.6 ldap, i alway get "ldap_bind: can't contact ldap server" error msg.
i've used the following command "ldapsearch -x -b "dc=server1211,dc=com" -h
"dc=ldap.server1211.com" "cn=*". the same command with the "-x" option works
when executed on the 1.2.11 server.

is openldap 2.0.6 commands compatible with 1.2.11?

kindly advise where i've gone wrong and correct me pls. how can i make a
ldapsearch from the machine with openldap 2.0.6 installed?