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Red Hat 7.0

Has anyone tried building OpenLDAP 2.0.6 on RH 7.0? It builds without errors
(options included: SASL+GSSAPI, TLS/SSL), but it dumps core when I start
slapd. The config's identical to what I used to build my RH 6.2 version, so
I'm pretty sure it's not a mis-configuration on the build end of things. And
"make test" just hangs.

I tried attaching gdb, but it claims there are no debugging symbols, even
though I see the top-level Makefile includes -g in CFLAGS.

I'm happy to be the guinea pig on this one, but I need some advice on where
to take this next to track down the problem....

My theories so far:

* the change in compiler to gcc 2.96 in 7.0 causes some problem; I know this
is an issue building the kernel
* 7.0 includes OpenLDAP 1.2 and nss-ldap all integrated, and so both
/usr/local/openldap/lib and /usr/lib have the LDAP libraries and are in
* maybe the Berkely sockets code in RH 7.0 is slightly different (when I run
with a debug flag set, I see an errorno 22 from socket() regarding an
unrecognized option, but it seems to initialize the listener anyway)


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