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Re: Importing users

At 05:17 PM 10/19/00 +0200, Jan Niehusmann wrote:
>I have the following situation:
>- a local LDAP server with user information, used for login authentication
>  and nss (numeric uid -> name resolving)
>- a remote LDAP server with user information, that should be used for
>  informational purposes (numeric uid -> name resolving) only, but this LDAP
>  server is not trusted, so these users should not be able to login, even
>  if somebody enters valid login accounts on the remote server
>Is this possible with openLDAP and nss_ldap/pam_ldap on linux?

OpenLDAP is just a directory server... how clients use published
data (that they are authorized to access) is up to them.  I suggest
you direct your question to a forum specific to the client(s).

For PADL Software, nssldap@padl.com and pamldap@padl.com mailing
lists would be quite appropriate forums to ask such questions.