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Organizing existing data set for LDAP...

Hi there,

I'm trying to turn some existing address book into an LDAP server &
So far, I managed to compile test and run the openldap package. Now comes
the problem of organizing data.

My problem is the following: LDAP is an hierarchical data system. Everything
is referred from a search path (base). Most of the entries I have to encode
are from different companies, and are not related to our organisation.

for example, my company will have "dc=eft, dc=be" as RDN.

How should I encode within my database people like: "John Bigjim, from
hardatwork.net ( fake example :)) )", that is not part of my company?

Do I need to define the organization itself before trying to add the people?
Or is there a derived way to proceed with such entries? 

Thank you for your support,


Eric Devolder

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