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Re: slapd thread creation

There is a yet to be documented slapd.conf(5) option
        threads max

which can be used to control the maximum number of threads
in the primary "worker" pool.   The default is 32.


At 10:43 AM 10/16/00 -0700, Mark Whitehouse wrote:
>I am running OpenLDAP 2.0.6 on RH Linux 6.2 and have noticed that the number
>of threads increase over time and never stabilizes.
>Unfortunately there does not seem to be any upper limit to the number of
>threads that slapd creates.  After a few days the number of threads can get
>as high as 20, at which point I restart the process and the gradual thread
>expansion begins again.
>Is there any way to limit the number of threads running?  I have tried
>various values for the 'concurrency' option in slapd.conf, but it does not
>seem to have any effect.