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Re: password

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:

> At 09:29 AM 10/13/00 +0500, Dmitry Melekhov wrote:
> >Hello!
> >
> >I have strange problem with passwords wint openldap 2.0.6.
> >I use cyrus sasl 1.5.24.
> >
> >bash$ ./ldappasswd -D uid=dm,dpt=zachet,org=Aspec_4_floor,o=Aspec,c=RU
> >-W
> >Bind DN: uid=dm,dpt=zachet,org=Aspec_4_floor,o=Aspec,c=RU
> >Enter bind password:
> >ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: No such attribute
> >
> >Why?
> This error implies that supportSASLMechanisms is not present
> in the server's root DSE.

Oops! I compile openldap with cyrus SASL but can't understand
how they works together. Where can I read about this.

> Since you specified a bind DN, I assume you actually intend
> to use simple authentication.  This requires '-x'.
> If you are actually trying to change the SASL user's secret,
> the server doesn't support this yet (it only supports changing
> the simple authentication secret (e.g. userPassword)).  Note
> when using SASL, specifying -D (and -W) is not necesary.

OK. I try simple bind but:

> bash$ ./ldappasswd -D uid=dm,dpt=zachet,org=Aspec_4_floor,o=Aspec,c=RU
> -W -x
> Bind DN: uid=dm,dpt=zachet,org=Aspec_4_floor,o=Aspec,c=RU
> Enter bind password:
> ldap_bind: Invalid credentials

LDIF with passwords is from working openldap 1.2 server.

Any ideas?

Dmitry Melekhov