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Re: Hiding userPassword and other attributes from anonymousLDAPclients (such as Eudora)

At 04:44 PM 10/13/00 -0700, Rudolf Nottrott, NCEAS wrote:
>I do have an entry with a clear text passoword entry that looks like this.
>userPassword: test
>And yet, nothing is returned if I do 
>ldapsearch -b searchbase "userpassword=test" 

It should work... if not, I suggest you
  1) examine the entry using the rootdn, scope
  base, and '(objectClass=*)' filter.  Verify
  the userPassword value is "test".  ldapsearch(1)
  should print it in base64:
    userPassword:: dGVzdA==

  2) enable sufficient logging to see why the
  assertion is failing.  Use the rootdn, scope base,
  and filter '(userPassword=test)'.