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RE: questions about OpenLDAP client librairies NT porting

I don't know the answers for MSVC, I presume that you can build just liblber and libldap, as static libraries.
If you want to use GCC and Mingw32, then the answer is yes, you can build just the client libraries, and you
can build static or DLL, your choice.

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Subject: questions about OpenLDAP client librairies NT porting

I'm planning to use a Windows NT platform to perform
ldapsearch and ldapmodify operations using the OpenLDAPv2
clients librairies.
so, here are my questions :
Are the client librairies ported to MS Visual C++ ?
Is it possible to compile only these libraires (without slapd, slurpd, Cyrius SASL,
POSIX regex, Sleepcat's Berkeeley DB, ...) ?
How are the librairies built ? static or DLL ?
Thanks in advance,
Elouen LANOË