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RE: referrals, do they work in 1.2.11

At 02:22 PM 10/12/00 -0400, Downs, John wrote:
>    Below I have included the slapd.conf of the server that I initally 
>query(I'll call server1) followed by the slapd.conf of the server(server2) 
>being referred to. 
>Server2 has the data built with the DN suffix "Verison's LDAP Service" and
>Server1 doesn't have any DN's with the suffix "Verison's LDAP Service".
>when I query Server1 for an entry that exists on server2 should the referral
>I'm still getting Object not found. Are my suffixs setup correctly?

For the above, no.

You configured server1 with knowledge about the search base.
It hence cannot return a superior referral and must rely on the
knowledge it has to return an appropriate response.  If the
entry doesn't exist in the database, noSuchObject is quite