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RE: OpenLDAP vs. IBM SecureWay Directory

Hi Allen,

Sorry, it's an error (my English is poor) it's not the accurate, but the
speed !

I'm use SecureWay Directory Server Web Admin V3.1 Installed to a new Bull
Escala with 2 PPC
and OpenLdap 2.0.4 installed to a PC with Mandrake 7.1 with 2 PIII 667 MHZ
I develop a LDAP Client under Windows and access to the same database over
the 2 computers
the speed to display about 3000 records is +/- 15 seconds under OpenLdap and
45 seconds under eDrirectory.

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What do you mean by more accurate?  I don't understand what you mean
when you say that OpenLDAP is more accurate than eDirectory because of
SecureWay's DB2 backend.


De Leeuw guy wrote:
> I'm use the two, but the OpenLdap is more accurate than eDirectory Server
> from IBM probably due to the DB2 backend.
> If you planning to develop a client and if you using IBM SecureWay
> V3.1 the UTF-8 cause a lot of problems.
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> hi list,
> how does OpenLDAP compare to IBM's SecureWay Directory LDAP solution,
> running on aix? i just need some facts to convince my boss ... thanks.

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