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Re: AIX memory problems

> > i've problems running slapd (1.2.11) on AIX 4.3.3 machines. slapd
> > allocates memory, and doesn't free it then. so the process is growing
> > and growing up to about 130k (system limit would be 256k, i think) of
> You want to say 130M. Even the executable is bigger than 130k...

sure, my fault, need more sleep or so...

> Right now I'm playing with OpenLDAP 2.x on AIX 4.3.3. I'm still in the phase
> of building & tuning the configuration so it hasn't been running for a long
> time so far.

long time? the slapd ran for about 5 hours or so. there where few 100.000
lookups in that time. after that, slapd crashed... (ok, yes, we've been online
with it, big mistake...)
we thought we solved the problem, compiling on a AIX 4.2.1 machine, but i
think, we've been mislead, or we used the wrong binary now (don't think so ;)
we have exactly the same problem with openldap 2.0+
btw it's qmail-ldap service, we are running (or better trying to run)

Daniel Tiefnig