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Re: SQL backend for OpenLDAP

I am sorry for the ambiguity in the posting. I want to use MySql as the
backend-storage for my new LDAP server instead of using BerkeleyDB ldbm

I have compiled OpenLDAP with the iodbc driver but how do i tell OpenLDAP
to contact the MySql server and write its information to it?


-- Original Message --

>sj2@myflat.com wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have compiled OpenLDAP 2.0.3 with support for SQL backend
>> support with the iodbc driver. I am using Mysql as the backend DB server.
>> But i don't know how to get OpenLDAP talk to the DB server. Any pointers
>> or help is welcome.
>Why, just as any other backend, back-sql has its own section in slapd conf,
>where among other things, you must define the subtree it is responsible
>(see suffix directive). Then, when a LDAp client makes a query to this
>subtree, back-sql routine is called to serve it...
>Anyway, see Administratior's Guide for general slapd setup, and
>back-sql/docs directory of source tree for back-sql specific instructions.
>BTW, it is unclear from your message, why you want to use back-sql... If
>already have some info in mySQL db that you want to access through LDAP,
>that is back-sql made for. But if you set up plain new LDAP service, and
>going to use back-sql as storage, take a look at
>http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/378.html - you might change your
>WBW, Dmitry

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