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Re: LDAP terminology ? : referral vs reference

To put it very simply,
If the server cannot begin the request (typically search) because the
base dn for the operation is not on this server, a referral is generated.
Search Continuation References apply only to search requests.  If a search request
is in progress, i.e. entries in the scope of the search exist on this server, but some
entries in the scope of the search are unavailable because they are on another
server, then a search reference is generated pointing to the server and dn
where the search can be continued for those entries.
Steve Sonntag
Novell, Inc., the leading provider of Net services software

>>> "Mark Whitehouse" <markwhitehouse@home.com> 11-Oct-00 1:34:41 PM >>>

What is the difference between an LDAP reference and an LDAP referral.  I'm
pretty sure I know what a referral is, but I hear people talking about