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Re: cn=SubSchema

At 01:19 PM 10/11/00 -0400, Mark Adamson wrote:
>What is the state of the OpenLDAP cn=SubSchema search?  I ask because
>there are people here at CMU who would like to extract schema information
>from slapd via LDAP. A query to that subschema magic DN gives:
>% ldapsearch -h ldapserver -x -s base -b "cn=SubSchema" -LLL
>I was expecting "objectclasses" and "attributetypes" lines telling about
>the server schema. Something like what RFC 2251, section 3.2.2 says:

and 4.5.1 says:
     ... servers will not return operational attributes, such
     as objectClasses or attributeTypes, unless they are listed by name,
     since there may be extremely large number of values for certain
     operational attributes.