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Re: password changing problem

Hi All,

Sorry, I messed up: the dn given was not complete.

I have since changed the passwd successfully.

However, it turned out that the passwd changed into {SSHA} format
with this command:

/usr/local/bin/ldappasswd -D "cn=Admin,dc=ucc,dc=usyd,dc=edu,dc=au" -w 
mypassword -x -S "usydLoginName=$1,ou=people,dc=ucc,dc=usyd,dc=edu,dc=au"

But I want it to be in crypt format. How do I go about it?



On Wed, 11 Oct 2000, Jie Gao wrote:

> Hi All,
> V 2.0.4
> -------
> cmd: ldappasswd -x -d1 -D "cn=Admin,dc=ucc,dc=usyd,dc=edu,dc=au" -W -S
> "usydLoginName=jiegao,dc=ucc,dc=usyd,dc=edu,dc=au"
> New password: 
> Re-enter new password: 
> Bind DN: cn=Admin,dc=ucc,dc=usyd,dc=edu,dc=au
> Additional info: could not locate authorization entry
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^