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Re: Could not locate authorization entry

At 05:33 PM 10/10/00 -0400, Salvador Ramirez wrote:
> When I try to change the password with ldappasswd to an OpenLDAP entry
>I get this message error:
>$ ldappasswd -D "cn=Manager,dc=Udec,dc=CL" -W -v -d128 -S
>"cn=zdruid,dc=Udec,dc=CL" -x 

The -x is misplaced.  It should be listed prior to the user

>New password: 
>Re-enter new password: 
>Bind DN: cn=Manager,dc=Udec,dc=CL 
>Enter bind password: 
>Additional info: could not locate authorization entry
>What could be wrong?

There error generally indicates that the entry associated
user ("cn=zdruid,dc=Udec,dc=CL") doesn't exist in the