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Re: ldap-backend-sql

suresh wrote:

> Hi
> I also wanted to know that is it necassary that i have to these odbc
> bridges(like merant,openlinksw,openrda,easysoft-oob etc..)
> I will have to pay for these licenses.My objective here is to create a open
> (costfree ) solution.Do yu think it will work this way.Please advice.
> thanx
> Suresh

Last time I reviewed situation with ODBC under Unix was a year or so ago...
What I found was:

1) there are many plain unix drivers from database manufacturers, which are
available at request. Somewhere on this list there was a message from a guy
who got an unix ODBC driver even for Teradata (see reply for ITS #405) ;)

but this probably is not the case with Microsoft ;)

2) there are several free source code drivers for free databases like mySQL,
postgres etc, and also free unsupported drivers for commercial ones (like
Oracle through OCI)

but again, this probably is not the Microsoft case

3) those commercial bridges are quite different in pricing and licensing, and
people say that OOB license in some cases permits free use (I don't know
anything about this)

so, you could try searching inet for free solutions again...

two other ways:
1. you could replicate or distribute your tree onto 2 LDAP servers, one of
which you can setup on NT. Then you will have no problem with MS SQL, and
still have a single tree (assuming you have LDAP client that handles referrals

2. you also can switch to something like back-perl, and use Perl DBI for RDBMS
access (I recall there is MSSQL driver for DBI), but this requires
programming, not just SQL...

3. some more programming with ODBC SDK, and you have your own bridge/driver ;)

If anyone on the list knows something else on this matter - please mail, I
will add the links to documentation

WBW, Dmitry